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finally here. home?

I'm c currently in a humorous and "god what an idiot" realization. I've just finish reading the embrassing amount of whining concerning my urge to finally leave home and the mild teenage angst I held towards my parents. again what a complete ass I was.

it's silly how my respect for my parents circumnavigated from Hellish to heavenly. my relationship with my parents has changed for sooo much better. although I had many questions that were answered i HATED their answers. i guess it helps now that through a bit of maturity i can accpect thier reasons which led to there answers (of course this doesn't mean i must agree)

I'm now at VCU. I have arrived.awaiting for the first day of class to start and I'm sorry to admit that I'm a bit terrified for this "life changing experiece" and "the best 4 (for me 2.5) years of your life. also bit shaken that there is a possiblity that,well, I won't like it here.home?
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