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[05 Sep 2012|10:52pm]

[05 Nov 2011|03:15am]
Well... hello!

question?statement. [07 Jul 2009|01:58am]
Does anyone use this anymore?

I hate Wendy Williams.

DANGEROUS [31 Dec 2008|02:55pm]
so I must admit, year 2008 has treated me well. I'm pretty sure I will be welcoming the next 365 days in the most appropriate way (well some would consider it inappropriate). thanks for the new experiences and people you introduced me to.

2009, please live up or maybe exceed the accomplishments of 2008. in the past the odd years haven't been soo, well promising. prove me wrong and lead me to believe it's not just my superstition.

[18 Sep 2008|02:37am]
I have no desire to continue studying.

finally here. home? [19 Aug 2008|01:45am]
I'm c currently in a humorous and "god what an idiot" realization. I've just finish reading the embrassing amount of whining concerning my urge to finally leave home and the mild teenage angst I held towards my parents. again what a complete ass I was.

it's silly how my respect for my parents circumnavigated from Hellish to heavenly. my relationship with my parents has changed for sooo much better. although I had many questions that were answered i HATED their answers. i guess it helps now that through a bit of maturity i can accpect thier reasons which led to there answers (of course this doesn't mean i must agree)

I'm now at VCU. I have arrived.awaiting for the first day of class to start and I'm sorry to admit that I'm a bit terrified for this "life changing experiece" and "the best 4 (for me 2.5) years of your life. also bit shaken that there is a possiblity that,well, I won't like it here.home?

I'm a child left in tesco [14 Jul 2008|02:05am]
I wish my visit to Manhattan was longer. Although it was short, it was well needed to keep the bit of insanity I still have left.

I am.. I am currently set here in front of my computer incredibly stress free, apprehensive, and blissful after my brief 2 day single night trip. Seeing Spring Awakening was a freshing treat I believe I solely deserved after plenty of tense and heated weeks.

I’m envious towards the cast. I wish i had a strong enough talent that hasn’t failed to led me to a promising occupation. I know I haven't found it just yet.

Spring Awakening is honesty the one musical (especially on broadway) that kept me fully engaged throughout the whole damn thing (My fatass was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time).Which I find amusing because I was mostly aware what was going to happen next and annoyingly knew every word to every song.

Back to way I’m so envious. The cast was great. Talent was alive and well. SA didn’t need tap shoes or a huge pit (band) it had its character, personality, and originality. the cast seem like some rad motherfuckers i would hangout with. they were just madd cool.

Majority of the cast is my age and having the time of their life or so it seems. I’m sure there are days some of the cast members may be overly stressed but they handle it with maturity. I assume the help of family, friends, and fans my add or release some of the stress.

they just carry on. breathing through their greatest moments. maybe one of them being nights like their Saturday night performance.

I think I should learn a few things from them.

I'M GOING HOME [03 Jul 2008|01:54pm]
New York in about a less than 2 weeks
A Chorus line 

enough said :)


[27 Jul 2007|12:21am]

My limit.

....ARGH! [19 Jun 2007|01:25am]
[ mood | numb ]

fearing the worst, I think our hours will be cut due to the post-fathers day season (the busiest next to the winter holidays)and of course they don't need many people during a weeks schedule.

Dobbs mentioned every since Honk me working for the summer camp($10/hr).she even brought it to my attention recently, about a week ago and informed me we need to talk. understanding how busy she is with "Mary Poppin" I anxiously tried my hardest not add her more stres.BUT, i did call the studio a few times

I'm not so happy that she decided to totally drop me and add other people she barley knows. in no way am I'm upset with my friends, I'm just disappointed on how excited I was for this

I'm screwed with money. My cousin got in a wreck (2nd one within year, both times she wasn't the driver)the night of her college graduation. about 5 days later she no longer had insurance and hospital sent her home.they also sent her with a $4,000. In no way did she desevre this.my family decided to help her by sending them money.

Having this happen I thought my parents would for one beunderstanding and skip my $200 for rent. who the fuck am I kidding. myself.

I'm having so much trouble picking up a secondary job. I've been trying to save up for VCU but my motivation has lost its momentum. with paying rent,sending money to my cousin hoping her condition doesn't worsen, and saving up it's safe to say I'm fucked

not to mention my car is illegal. I've still haven't gotten the damn thing inspected (april 07) and I fear that ticket.

its my windshield wipers. fucking windshiel wipers; apparently it's the motor not the blade. on top of that Igot my breaks fixed less than a month ago-again they acting shaky.

I've contacted the families macanic and mercede benz. I've waited 5 months for them to get the damn parts. well I hope they are paying for my damn ticket. and because it's a benz the price is going to hurt. ranging from $600(if I'm lucky) to $1,000.

.... FUCK!

and now let me bitch about the petty shit. Ive met amazing people 2nd semester, AMAZING. relationship with some of them couldn't have been better. god they made me feel like gold. they are the ones I've been looking for to surround myself for awhile. suprisingly liked me for my personality.. trust me that's so rare.too bad the one I grown closet to left yesterday for austrila till decemeber and I feel so lonely.

so I'm back. I'm back to being worthless it seems.

I don't know what has happen. I don't know why i considering some my friends. I'm really iritated that some believe in insulting/downgrading myself and my other friends. in all reality the ones they insult are better friends than them

again, this simple plead.please don't treat me as a simple-minded girl. my father did for years.working my hardest junior year I proved him wrong. If you consider yourself a friend of mine stop letting me believe I have to prove myself to you.if you call yourself a friend hopefully you wouldn't think of me as stupid.please quit underestimating me.

if i brought this to some of you,I am most certain you will still and agrue and take in anything I say and it's painful and annoying. you believe you always have to win the agruement and I'm left feeling like the loser

I'm one to do favors and help when someone needs it, usually no asking involved. I would like it if you actually appreciated it.


just a single plead from everyone [19 May 2007|09:54pm]
please stop underestimating me. I swear I'm a good person.

"good fucking job, keshia" [07 May 2007|01:46pm]
oh you guys would've been proud of me, really. for once in a long I didn't feel like I was going to live paycheck to paycheck.

saturday I was left with 70 bucks to last me till this thursday. I paid my rent and still had a little over 200 bucks.If you only knew how rare that was.

then saturday happen. when my phone drunkly swam in a toliet, a toliet of piss. now I must spend 50 bucks(not bad). yess I'm down 32 bucks

I love life

[23 Apr 2007|06:42pm]
for fans of broadway and non broadway fans I present to you a original cast recording of a show I've grown a small obcession with.

I blame kristen for this. the funny thing is I simply don't know what the show is even about but i do know that I love the music


Brian you should really download this

[22 Apr 2007|09:17pm]
It's crazy how a week of unimagitive events can mess with your routine.

I'm not going to let it mess my routine.

Hokies you are in our thoughts, and forever in my heart [16 Apr 2007|11:43pm]
fucking sick.

[16 Apr 2007|12:12am]
I saw the cutest moment when I drove into my drive-way last night. although annoyed by the packed cars parked in front of my house, I listened to the blasted spanish music that played from my neighbors stero.

Knowing this was a family event, I briefly watched as kids danced joyfully with their grandparents, parents,cousins, and siblings.

I miss the days when my family once loved

[09 Apr 2007|10:41pm]
Imus being suspended for 2 weeks isn't enough

I think my bestfriend hates me [20 Mar 2007|11:17pm]

you can sing me a prayer
but I'll still sing the words of sin

wow,keshia actually writting a livejournal entry with a hint of meaning. sorry audience for the big shock, you obviously weren't prepared for this.

I guess this was just my way of informing you bored folks with what's going on, or rather, what is not going on.

I'm struggling with dollars, hard. My parent's aren't but I sure am. my hard position would probably soften if I asked for some extra cash but then that leaves me with the taste of dissapointment within myself that i perfer not to swallow.yuck!

Picture People,well. My hours are cut, alot. To honor my parents I still only work weekends but with an asshole of a store manager getting anything that involves nouns,adjectives,and verbs don't seem to travel through his thick skull and poopy pants (IE: she destroys the bathroom, EVERYDAY. not only that,his words reak of fresh bullshit)

I picked up something on the side(behide my parents back) to better my empty wallet situation. The good thing is I get 20% more than my PP salavry. sort of bad but smart news is... it goes straight into my college fund (my fund is $1700+ richer)

My birthday is friday. I should be excited. I should be planning on something extordinary. I should do or think of something. I'm assuming my lack of excitement is due on the reminders. the reminder and the stress that i need to leave soon. I can't live on my parents watch. I shouldn't partically depend on them. I also think I should quit with this bitching and celebrate my birtday with out all those aspects polluting my thoughts.

my birthday is on a friday. weather prediction report it's going to be 71 degrees. It's opening night. and i think it's time to party.

[19 Mar 2007|12:05am]
[ mood | old ]

eww I turn 19 in 4 days

why can't we just be 18 then turn 21?


man [07 Mar 2007|06:33pm]
I got to college and forgot how to spell

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